Site seeing after visiting some of my contacts.

Site seeing after visiting some of my contacts.

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." 
William Pollard

  Visiting a friend at  Apple's  Cupertino office.

Visiting a friend at Apple's Cupertino office.

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."
Peter Drucker

Jeff has been a strategic innovator and project team leader throughout his life. Whether it was building and wiring a basement full of H.O. model trains at twelve, winning the Toronto Star Newspaper Carrier of The Year for his district at fourteen or designing and building a boathouse with a 2-Ton capacity electric powered marine railway in 2005. When Jeff was innovating to scale Stackpole International's operations with customized automation solutions, he continued to prove these innate abilities. Here, he strategized on efficiencies with automated control systems and robotics that dramatically increased plant ROI effectiveness, reduced costs, and improved product quality. For nine years, at this multi award-winning, highly engineered components company, Jeff and his team pushed the mechatronics innovation boundary in new directions, where original equipment manufacturers refused or could not go.

As an excellent communicator with passionate drive and energy, Jeff motivates and leads cross-functional team members with disparate skill sets to collaborate and innovate creatively for timely project execution. Under pressure to open a new $40M manufacturing facility in Ancaster, Ontario, Jeff's team was instrumental in implementing the new product automation challenges on time, which secured a new $10M contract. Being curious and with a very resourceful mindset, Jeff can analyze and solve complex issues in untraditional ways.

After receiving a severance package during the 2009 financial crisis, Jeff explored his interests in personal financial planning before pursuing a business degree at York University. Showing resilience and adaptability, Jeff changed career directions by completing his Honours Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree in Management and made it on the Dean’s List in his 40's.

For his Master's degree, from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, (Link to MBET Program) Jeff acquired advanced management strategy, corporate consulting, innovation management, global technology researching and finance and accounting skills. As an MBET program specialization, each of the nine courses had several elements of entrepreneurship with specific projects, challenges and workshops. His Master's scholarship capstone project was a real-time IoT rural water monitoring system. For this major project, Jeff performed extensive key market validation research, conversed with numerous potential customers/end-users and distributors and wrote a comprehensive business plan.

Currently, Jeff is quite busy building up his business coaching practice with My Startup Coach Inc.

Jeff enjoys coaching/mentoring people, being a catalyst for transferring knowledge, solving complex operational issues, researching technology, and writing articles about new innovative technologies and management processes. He likes to explore interesting places and meet new people. Jeff is an avid walker, stock market guru, hiker, cycler and lover of boating and the outdoors.